Q: Does Scarlet's Photo Booth carry general liability insurance?

A: Yes. We'll gladly provide our certificate of insurance to event locations if and when it is requested.


Q: What type of events can I rent a photo booth for?

A: Everything. Pop-ups, festivals, weddings, birthdays, corporate and non-profit events, children's parties, conventions, athletic events, school-affiliated events, bar/bat mitzvahs, etc.


Q: How many people fit in the booth?

A: Open air photo booths can accommodate many more than enclosed photo booths - if guests squeeze in, the booth can fit 8 or even 10 people in the shot!


Q: How far will you travel for an event?

A: Anywhere. No, really!


Q: How much floor space is needed for the photo booth?

A: Anywhere from 6' x 6' to 8' x 8'.


Q: Can the photo booth be set up outdoors?

A: Yes, as long as shade is provided if in daytime so that our equipment is not sitting directly in sunlight, and if other inclement weather is not a hindrance (e.g. rain, snow, very strong wind, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, alien abductions)


Q: What are the electrical requirements for the photo booth?

A: Our equipment requires a single standard outlet. We've learned that it's best not to put the booth on the same outlet as the DJ or other heavy-duty electronic equipment; no power = buzz kill.


Q: How will my photos be printed?

A: Ever played Need for Speed? Our high quality, dye-sub printers were specifically made for photo booths. They're immediately dry-to-the-touch and come out in 8-10 seconds.


Q: How else will I receive my pictures?

A: After the event, we'll send you the link to an online gallery of all the images (they remain in the same high quality resolution as when they were taken). You can then download them, share them, and send the link to your guests. You can also email, text, or upload your photo to social media on the spot!


Q: Can the photo strips be customized?

A: Yes. Customized photo strips that fit the theme of your event are included with every photo booth rental.


Q: What does the photo booth attendant do?

A: Our friendly and professional photobooth attendants set up, operate and maintain the booth for the entire duration of the service time, and then break down the photo equipment.


Q: How long does it take to set up and break down the equipment?

A: Set up takes exactly one hour. Break down takes less than 30 minutes. You DO NOT pay for this time. If you need our attendant to have the booth set up and ready to go a considerable amount of time before start time, we offer Idle Hours (see Pricing).


Q: Would you book me if my event is last minute?

A: If availability allows, absolutely! Never hurts to ask :)


Q: What is idle time, and why would I need it?

A: Idle times are periods where the photo booth is not in operation, but has been set up. Idle time comes into play in cases when, for example, the photo booth cannot be set up or packed down immediately before or after an event, or when there's a period of intermission in the middle of the hours of operation.


Questions? Call (971) 704-1099 or email info@scarletsphotobooth.com.