2 HOURS - $395



  • Unlimited Use/Photo Sessions

  • High Resolution, DSLR Images (Canon 6Ds & Canon 24-70mm 2.8 lenses used)

  • Customized Photo Strips (see Photostrip Samples for examples). We design your photo strip together!

  • White Backdrop (see Backdrops for more options)

  • On Site Attendant

  • Free Set up and Take down

  • Animated GIF Booth (Share GIFs of your photos through Social Media/SMS/Email)

  • Instant Social Media Sharing (Facebook and Twitter)

  • Instant SMS/Texting of Your Photo

  • Instant Emailing of Your Photo


  • Online Hosted & Downloadable Gallery with all of your Event's Photos


PRINTED PHOTO STRIPS: Want prints? Instantly print your photos! Prints two photo strips per photo session (remember, unlimited photo sessions!) $100

PHOTOCARD PRINTS: These are double the size of our standard 2" X 6" photo strips (you can spot them easily as the larger prints, here: Photostrip Sample). Prints two 4" x 6" prints per photo session. $150

SOCIAL STATION: An iPad station separate from the photo booth where guests can email, text, Facebook, and tweet their photos at any point during the event. Allows guests to view all the photos from the event on the spot and send digitally whenever works for them! $50

PRIVACY CURTAINS: If the open air photobooth concept doesn't suit your event or if you just plain prefer more privacy, use this black cloth partition that encloses the photobooth on all sides. $85

MORE PRINTS: Prints four copies instead of two per photo session. This add on can be added as many times as you want, for 6 prints, 8 prints, 10 prints ... ad infinitum! $45

IDLE TIME : Idle time refers to period where the photo booth is not in operation, but is set up and ready to go. Idle time is important when, for example, the photo booth cannot be set up or packed down immediately before or after an event, or if there is an intermission period between our service time. $12.50/half-hour


See Backdrops for examples and more ...

Seamless, Colored Paper Backdrop - $60

Sequin Backdrop - $85

Floral Backdrop - $75

Greenscreen (Digital Image Replacement) Backdrop - $75 (+$15 for each additional image after the first, up to 5 images)