The remaining balance can be paid the day of the event to the attendant or before the day of, and can be made the following ways: check, credit/debit card, or cash. Below are details that pertain to each method of payment. Let us know how you wish to pay!

Check: Checks can either be sent by mail if you prefer to pay before the day of the event (let us know and we can provide you with a mailing address), or a check can be provided day of to the attendant. Let us know that you prefer to pay via check so that we can provide you with the exact name with which to make the check payable to.

Card: Card payments can be made beforehand or the day of the event to the attendant. Regardless of whether payment is made before the day of the event or at the event to the attendant, there is a 3.5% card processing fee based off of the full balance due.

Cash: Cash can be provided to the attendant on the day of the event.

If full payment is not made by the day of the event, a late fee will be applied that is 2% of the total balance per day beginning the day after the event until full payment is received. If after 21 days full payment has not been received, the amount (full balance plus accumulated late fees) shall be reported to collections and any further necessary action will be pursued. We reserve the right to cancel service if payment is not made on or before the day of the event.



Setup/Arrival. Set up takes one hour and breaking down the equipment takes a little less than thirty minutes. The attendant will arrive one hour before they are supposed to be set up.

Location of Photobooth. If there is a floor plan of the event space indicating where the photo booth will go, please send it to us via email. The photo booth area should be within relative proximity to a standard three-pronged power outlet, preferably not plugged into the same power outlet as other power hungry equipment such as a DJ (losing power is no fun!). We bring plenty of extension cord, but if we're going to be considerably far from an outlet (like 40’ or more), let us know before the day of the event. The photo booth footprint is at minimum 7 x 7 square feet. For events with many guests in a small area, the booth should not be located in an area where pedestrian traffic would preclude its use, such as in a main pedestrian walkway where guests are forced to walk in front of photos to maneuver around the event space.

Parking/Load-in. If there is a fee for parking at the event site and said fee cannot be waived by the venue, you, or your organization, then let us know and expect to add it to the total balance due. If there is a special entrance or an area to load-in that is different from where we should park, let us know. The more details on this, the smoother things will go day of!

Day of Point of Contact. If the day of point of contact is different from the name/phone number listed on your agreement, then please provide their phone number and name so that your attendant can call them should there be any need to communicate with them.



Please read these instructions, then submit a photostrip design request using the form below. You can be as descriptive or as open-ended as you want in your description; whatever you think helps us create the photo strip you envision.

Photostrip text.

At a minimum, tell us what text you would like on the photo strip (or if you would like there for to be no text).

Optionally, also provide us with either a description of the type of font you want to use (e.g. sans serif vs. cursive) or provide us with a specific font. If you want to provide a specific font, you may either:

a) send us a link to a font from a free font library that has thousands of free fonts like;

b) give us the name of the font if it's a standard one; or

c) send us the font file (in .ttf or .otf format) if it's difficult to find.

Photostrip Design.

From a template: This page of our website has a considerable number of photostrip design templates that can be used altogether or as a starting point for yours: Note that there are large "photocard" 4" x 6" templates on this page that are considered add-ons for pricing purposes. If you ordered the 4" x 6" photocard add-on, these are the templates you want to be looking at!

From scratch: If you opt for creating something from scratch, send us via email any helpful graphic material that you may want to use as a reference or use altogether (e.g. from Pinterest, Google Images, art websites, the event invitation if there is one, your company’s logo, etc.). This graphic material could even just be examples of colors, themes, or patterns. Alternatively (or in conjunction with sending graphic material), you can simply describe what you want it to look like and we’ll work with that.